11th Suzuki Rhino Rally

Rhino Rally An invite went out to SCORE for members to take their machines to the 11th Annual Rhino Rally. The Rally originates from the Suzuki Rhino jeep and from there their involvement for Save the Rhino. 5 cars turned up in total, from different directuions of the country, and we all lined up for, what was promised, a fun weekend.We weren’t to be dissapointed as it took us approximately 5 minutes before ourselves and the club were mentioned over the tannoy system, promising to take on any other club in the Its a Knockout competition. We duly complied and took on a team from St. Johns Ambulance and managed to score (sic) our first victory of the day.

It’s a Knockout

Its a Knockout required 4 team members, the klaxon went off and four water balloons had to be burst with thrown darts, then a dash over the jump and through the tyres. From here we had to hoop a pole each (though we noticed our competitors only managed the one!) once completed, ducks were blown off a stand via a super soaker gun and off back down the course…..pulling a Vitara jeep!!! Once we’d puffed our way back the brain teaser started, we had to recreate the Suzuki rhino sign with the parts supplied and magnetic white board, basically it was a posh jigsaw. The pressure was put on us as we saw the St.  John lot scream away to the Vitara jeep, though with a big heave we managed to gain ground on them with the pull, it all came down to the puzzle. With a little bit of ingenuity (we followed the pattern off of the marshals baseball cap) we managed to finally win, with a record time of about 1minute 21secs (if I remember correctly!) We duly received prizes and smattering of applause from a growing audience.

And the rest…

Being very 4×4 orientated the ‘club stand’ didn’t have the sort of audience we had been used to previously, but then again nearly everyone here owned a Suzuki anyway, so they had at least heard the car, which is more than I can say of a lot of insurance companies!.<BR>Time for a wander, methinks and to check out the other attractions.

What a laugh!

Amongst other things there were the following:
Reverse steer – Yes thats right, or is it left!?!
Skill Drive 1 – Two tennis balls placed in cupped dishes on a Vitara bonnet, then drive it over a off road course!
Skill Drive 2 – Same concept again yet this time there was a bucket of water attached to the front of the car.
Death Slide – self explanatory
Off Road Demo – be a passenger in a 4×4 driven off road. This was all good fun and I was gutted to be beaten at the reverse steer as I thought I’d really got the hang of it.

Latest SCORE vs Top SCORE

We couldn’t resist it….. we had to have a head to head, so back we went to – Its a Knockout.<BR>Battle plans were made and we psyched each other outIt was a hard fought battle but with no cheating the team I was in managed to squeeze in a victory and yet another prize.I ended that day by winning a prize on the Skill Drive 1, but not before being told off for driving too fast over the rest of the course once the balls had dropped off. (We’ll they had just told us it was Alex Clouter’s company car we were using!)The Rally was a weekend affair so after a overnight stay in a B&amp;B, we returned to try again and again……I’m sure that after our performance
this year we’ll end up with an invite to next years bash….maybe a few more Cappuccinos??
Then we’d have enough people for a couple more teams!

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