Classic Car Show 1998

I’m all excited as my car is to be on the stand at the London Classic Car Show 21st and 22nd March 1998. Care has been taken to keep it clean and looking nice and for a little treat I had her taken to Levois in Colchester for
a full service. John Hillyard made sure all his staff were really careful etc. and I happily picked her up Saturday morning. Off we went to Ripspeed for its new steering wheel and then down to the The Mini Shop which is just down the road.

Interior with Dino Steering wheel


Imagine my blood pressure when I walked back to the car to find someone had knocked into it!! I’m surprised I’ve stayed so calm. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I mean, what is up with people today? That’s the second time someone’s damaged the Capp with a ‘parking knock’. How do these people miss big cars if they can’t even dodge a Cappuccino with a paranoid owner who parks it out of the way as far as humanly possible

Dented wing


So rather spending my weekend cleaning polishing and preening it to ‘perfection’ I’ve ended up spending all my time dismantling the front of the car.


Mean and Nasty....and in bits!


I’ve had to ask for a favour to have the front wing knocked out, its only a little dent, maybe 2 inches long but its near where the light and bumper come together and I couldn’t push it out.<BR>The bumper is at a garage I know, being fully resprayed. Alright so it had plenty of stone chips and needed a respray but this wasn’t how I had it planned!?! Fortunately I have a very understanding Girlfriend ‘Thank You, Sue!’ and very good friend to help and advice me on taking my car to bits. He also happens to be my twin brother! (Yes, I know we don’t look alike)

Bruv! - in standard front bumper pose


Once the show has been and gone I’ll post a few piccies, as I’m sure so will the SCORE site.

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