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Dave Benson 1973-2003

Dave with his Cap


  • Dave Benson joined SCORE in 1997 and became fast friends to all SCORE members he met or had contact with via the website. He was appointed editor of The Latest SCORE and always made the time to help anyone and everyone on all aspects of the Cappuccino and the club.
  • Dave was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday 23 February 2003.
  • He was a great guy and our thoughts remain with girlfriend Sue, his brothers Andy and Mark, and the rest of his family.
  • He is sadly missed by us all….

David Benson at the Classic Car Show

Message from Sue Oakley

  • Dear All, Thank you to all for your words and messages of support whilst David’s family and myself come to terms with what has happened.
  • 10th March will be a day to celebrate David’s life. We would like you please to send or bring your stories, photos, memories and mementoes of David to go into a very special Memory Book.
  • David was a most amazing person, and I am finding it stunning how many people he had in his life. You tend to bimble along every day and take people’s comings and goings for granted, but it pays to stop for a second and look around at the people you speak with, as every person has an impact to your life, some good, some bad and some that are just irreplaceable. He certainly had an impact on many, many people.
  • He was my chosen life long love, I can’t believe just how well we gelled together. We had our moments (doesn’t everyone?) but I would have moved heaven and earth for him. I am now completely lost for words.
  • Sending my love and appreciation for all your kind words on the SCORE website.Sue Oakley

Dave’s Funeral

  • Dave’s funeral took place on Monday 10th March at Basildon Crematorium, Basildon, Essex.
  • The service was followed by a celebration of Dave’s life with drinks at the local golf club and a fireworks display – something Dave would have wanted. He always loved fireworks, as some of you may have remembered from our many Southend on Sea SCORE events in previous years finishing in the garden with the inevitable rockets and other fireworks!

Tributes from SCORE Members

  • I am shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic news. Having only been on the Cappuccino scene a short time, I didn’t know Dave personally but I certainly knew ‘of’ him…a technical tour de force and certainly had a cappuccino worthy of the love, care and enthusiasm that supports a club like this. I have no doubts he was a great person in life too. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.Phil Lee
  • I could hardly believe when I heard the sad news. My deepest sympathies to Sue and his family. Dave was particularly endeared to us by worth and kind remembrances. He has been cut off in the prime of life. Please remember him. If you didn’t know Dave please visit his website. This gives you a good impression who Dave was.Marcel Spoelstra
  • I am stunned and saddened to hear of the tragic death of our good friend Dave. Although I never met Dave, he has helped me on occasion on my many Cappuccino technical queries. His contributions to the club were outstanding. He was someone who enjoyed life to the full. May his God go with him and my sincerest condolences to his family and friends.Danny Skehan
  • Tori Alexander (ex SCORE Treasurer) called me with the devastating news just as I set off for work this morning. SCORE has lost one truly dedicated friend and enthusiast who always made the time to help anyone and everyone to do with the Cappuccino and the club. Such was his character that when I broke my leg a couple of years ago, I was rushed to Northwick Park Hospital in Middlesex, Dave and Sue biked across from where they live in Essex to see and stay with me at my bedside up just before I had my operation – true friendship that blossomed from when they became members back in 1997. Thanks Dave for being such a good friend and “SCORE partner” – you will be sorely missed in every way.Alex Clouter
  • I can only reflect all the other comments made here. I never met Dave personally, but exchanged e-mails with him and immediately felt a kindred spirit. These events can never be taken in at first. As a motorcyclist myself I know the joy Dave got from his hobbies. All our feelings go to his nearest and dearest, and we will all remember him with great affection.Murray Betts
  • I too offer my deepest sympathy at the shocking news. The contributions made by Dave to the club offered me, as I am sure many others, inspiration and excitement as well as valuable technical information for all things Cappuccino including a welcoming feel to the world of Cappuccino ownership. My deepest sympathy to all who knew Dave but especially his family. I am sure we will all be in deep thought as we drive our Cappuccino’s over the coming months and years.Shaun Hodgson
  • I’m so sorry to hear about Dave’s death. My deepest sympathies to Sue, his family and friends. I didn’t know David that much but one thing for certain, he knew about the Cappuccino like an expert. Doesn’t seem much but that knowledge that he got helped a great deal must member of SCORE, and specially me. That knowledge, the information that David shared with me, gave me a great deal of pleasure every time I’m riding with my Cappuccino. This mean hours and hours of pleasure and happiness. Without David, I would probably still be searching for info with a lot of frustration. Coincidentally, I picked up from Colchester, my Cappuccino, last Saturday with a new turbo and body enhancement. My Cappuccino has now become a great sport machine which gives me now not only happiness but a lot of trill. The only reason why I got the pieces to get it done … its Dave. He gave me the contact that I needed in Japan and in the process, a friend.Dave! I owe you much mate!I’m sorry I didn’t thank you before.I just hope that you got from your too short lifeAs much as you gave!Farewell! See you in heaven!Dany Gagnon
  • I’m so sad to hear of Dave’s tragic death. I never knew Dave personally but his inspiration and contribution to the club was second to none. Dave was always there with his help and expertise on the Cappuccino. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family.Tim Billings
  • Since finding the Score website a couple of years ago, the name Dave Benson is what I always remember from every subject. I never met Dave but I can imagine how much he loved life. My condolences to family and friends.Greg Stewart
  • I would like to say that I valued my brief encounters with Dave and Sue. Dave’s enthusiasm for all his activities became so evident and a love of life and most obviously Sue bubbled under leathers or in his cars. Words at this very sad time are difficult but my thoughts are with Sue and both families.Graham Farley
  • I like others never had the privilege of meeting Dave in person but like so many others am truly thankful for the help and inspiration he afforded me shortly after I purchased my Cappuccino. Our only contact was via email but in addition to invaluable advice, his mails were peppered with wit and humour and from their tone it was obvious that Dave was someone who was only to please to share his knowledge with others – a rare person who will be sadly missed.Steve Lewis
  • It is hard to express how I felt as I read this message today. I was sort of glad this morning as I opened the SCORE site, cos I wanted to announce the launch of my German cappotour-website. Then I read those words that were blurring and flickering on my monitor. Suddenly I felt some kind of paralysed – I couldn’t believe it! Actually I didn’t know Dave personally but he was the first to answer my (silly ) technical questions as I stumbled onto the SCORE site long years ago. I was new in “cappuccino-business”, but I knew that there was a “living cappuccino manual” on the other side of the canal, always answering quickly, being reliable and nice. It was this hospitality (of him and many other SCORE members) that made me become a SCORE member myself. Glad those guys who had the chance to get to know this outstanding character personally. All my thoughts are with his family and friends at this moment. In behalf of all the German SCORE members I want to express our sorrow, condolence and respect. We will keep him in mind and the memory alive.Michael Krellowetz
  • We had the real privilege of meeting David & Sue as we searched for a Capp when we went to look at his example late last year. We were immediately struck by their warmth and their infectious enthusiasm. As complete strangers to them, we were instantly asked to accompany them to a SCORE outing that night where we met Dave’s brothers Andy & Mark. We’re absolutely stunned and our hearts go out to Sue, Andy, Mark and all David’s family. We’ve lost not only a brilliant technical mind but most of all a really warm human being.Our sincere condolences.Paul & Gwen Molloy.
  • Sad news, indeed. I never knew Dave, but his obvious enthusiasm for and knowledge of our favourite little car came through very clearly when I first found his web site some years ago. He never knew it, but he helped me decide that a Cappuccino was for me… My sincere condolences to Dave’s family and friends, from the other side of the world.William McDougall
  • “The bad thing about death is not the fact that he takes away our beloveds but that he leaves us alone with our memories …”I am deeply saddened by your loss. Although I have never met David, I feel like I knew him through all these comments and condolences. He must have been a very special person. I am sure that all the other cappo-enthusiasts from Germany will feel the same.Evelyn März
  • Man, I’m absolutely stunned. For those of you that didn’t have the good fortune to meet Dave, you have missed a lot. A genuine great guy. I used to see him a lot back in the early days of SCORE when I was a regional rep and even when I was between Cappo’s I’d ring him out of the blue to pester him about something or other and it was always as if we’d only spoken the day before.Ian & Gwen Morgan
  • Oh my goodness… It was such a shock to see this thread and realise what happened!. I never knew Dave personally, and never met him(I couldn’t be any further away in fact… here in New Zealand) but he was such an awesome guy. I discovered SCORE through his website a few years back, and emailed him a couple of times as well as “chatting” with him on the old message board. He was always willing to share his vast knowledge, he was always very friendly and usually had something amusing to say. You will be missed Dave, very much!Allan Williams
  • I would also like to send my sympathies to Dave’s family and friends. Like most who have posted here, I didn’t know Dave personally, but in a club of enthusiasts I felt his enthusiasm shone out. He was always helpful and very willing to pass on his knowledge. When I decided to buy my Cappuccino, his website was one of the first I found and really encouraged me to get my car. I am sure Dave will be sorely missed from SCORE and by many others.Robert Austin
  • We were so shocked and saddened to hear of Dave’s accident and tragic death. We are privileged to have met him at several Cappo do’s and he was a charming, energetic, fun guy. He always put 100% and more into whatever he did for Cappo’s and we are sure it was the same with his other interests – so generous with his time and knowledge. We shall really miss his technical knowledge spiced with wit in the magazine, and his lively personality at future Cappo do’s. His life has surely been cut short in it’s prime, but we are sure that Dave crammed more into his 30 years than many people do into a lifetime, and our memories of him will live on. Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to Sue and both families, a great loss for them to bear.Anne & Bjarne Andersen
  • Like so many others I never had the pleasure of meeting Dave Benson but certainly knew of him from the numerous posts on the SCORE site. A sad loss. My condolences to family and friends.Rik Appleby
  • Mark and I met Dave at various Cappo events, we will always remember his cheerfulness and welcoming manner. The amount of work he put into the club and support he gave everyone no matter how silly the question was will always be remembered and an example to us all. Our deepest sympathy is with Sue and Dave’s family at this tragic time. He will be sorely missed.Katy Dobson
  • It’s been a terrible shock to us all, the sudden loss of my wonderful twin brother David (or Dave as many people knew him). All your messages of sympathy have been a great help; I never realised just what a huge impact David had made in his life and how far it had reached.Its hard to find the words to describe how much I loved and cared for him and it has left a huge hole in my life. I am trying to put my energies in looking after my parents and especially David’s partner Sue.Like many of you David also introduced me the world of cappuccinos, out of the blue he phoned me and asked if I wanted to go looking at cars. Without hesitation I skip college and saw for the first time the little 2-seater sports car. Even then he was generous and on the test drive let me have a go, I had a grin like a Cheshire cat and promised myself one day I would have one. It took 5 years and even before that David would often lend me his pride and joy.He was always there for me; he will be greatly missed but never forgotten.Andrew Benson
  • When we learnt of Dave’s tragically accident we couldn’t believe. We are still shocked and paralysed. I met Dave the first time in Belgium in 1998 and as often as I think of S.C.O.R.E. I have to think of Dave & Sue and I do hear the Cappuccino Blues … Dave was very popular even with people who didn’t know him personally but from the S.C.O.R.E. Message Board from the many articles he wrote. We will always remember him! Our deepest sympathy goes to Sue and both families, a great loss for them to bear.Daniela & Reinhold and Achim Fischer
  • I’m very sorry to hear about Dave Benson. I’d like to extend my sympathies to his family and all who knew him in SCORE. I visited his website on numerous occasions for Cappuccino information and a good read. It’s a very sad loss.William Cattell
  • It has taken me a while to think of something to say. Having never met Dave and only joined SCORE in October last year, I tried to think of something apt. I found the SCORE Charter and the first sentence I think is the most fitting, “To enjoy the company and friendship of fellow Cappuccino owners, sharing the fun which comes naturally with ownership.” I will think of Dave when I drive. I hope other members will make the effort to attend meetings and do what Dave obviously enjoyed, “The Cappuccino.”Martin Jones
  • What sad news, and how devastating for Sue and the family – he was a great character who always brought laughter and joy when he appeared. When I was Regional Rep for Essex it was always a pleasure to have Dave and Sue along – they supported many of the events (even when the Cappo was off the road!), and of course latterly introduced other family members. It is interesting that so many know of Dave but had not met him in person – that demonstrates what a guy he was. God bless you Dave.Don & Cheryl Littlemore
  • I too, never had the pleasure of meeting Dave in person. Thru his emails and messages I created in my mind an image of Dave. Not until viewing his website for the first time after learning of this sad event, did I find he was so young. Dave had gained and passed on so much knowledge in his few years obviously sharing when ever he could, Dave’s gone but not forgotten. DAVE I hope where ever you are now, that they let you wear leather and drive sub 660cc cars us much as you like! To Sue and all Dave’s family and friends my thoughts are with you.Graeme Hansen
  • I never met Dave but I had the impression I knew him just by reading his advise and comments about every day on the Score website. No doubt we will miss him a lot. My deep regrets to Sue and Dave’s family.Ronald Goossens
  • I had the privilege of meeting Dave at the Ally Pally show. He was so full of enthusiasm, both for the Cappuccino and for everything else for that matter. He was bounding enthusiastically around the car, opening it up and showing me all the gubbins to enlighten me. A couple of hours later I could see he was still bounding about, just as keenly, for someone else’s benefit! It’s clear from his contributions to SCORE that he had a vast amount of technical knowledge and ability. I was saddened when he moved on to other interests, not least because I thought it a waste that he had probably forgotten more about what went on under the bonnet than I will ever know. My condolences to his family and friends, and of course to Sue, to whom I shall always be grateful for introducing me to the word “bimble”.Peter Griffin
  • I was very shocked to read about Dave’s tragic death. Dave was a great help to both me and my husband with some technical queries we had with our Cappo. Needless to say Dave was so professional in talking with us – we are no technical experts so he was able to talk to us in a simple non technical way and we managed to sort our problems.My husband Ted was killed on 2nd March 2002 in what would appear to be similar circumstances. Please pass my best wishes and condolences to all those close and dear to him – he has left us all in SCORE a true legacy.Dorothy Watts
  • We are so sorry that we are unable to come to Dave’s funeral on Monday. I really would appreciate if you could pass on our love and best wishes to Sue during this very difficult time – they with their families are in our prayers. Thinking of you and other SCORE members on Monday….Amities a tousHelen and Sammy Missin
  • Like most people writing I didn’t know Dave in person. But if ever there was someone who knew all there appeared to know about Cappos, and genuinely wanted to share it, it was Dave Benson. My sincere condolences to his familyDavid Stanton
  • Please pass on our condolences from all at the UK Honda Beat club. I remember reading many mails from him when I first started the website.Paul Whittaker
  • Very sorry to hear the news about Dave. It was his website that kept me going when our cappo was in bits on the drive and I was covered in a mix of Waxoil, Underseal and rust! Sincere sympathy to his family and friends.Dave Espley
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