The Competition!!

What can I say??

This is the practical car of the family, more cylinders, more seats etc. etc. but I just can’t compare it to the Cappuccino These two cars are as different as they are similar, I just hope that our Cappuccinos stay around as long as the Mini. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to leave ANYTHING alone, so of course this little 998cc Mini now has fitted a new set of discs………grooved and cross-drilled of course! Whilst I was about it I changed all the front wheel bearings (something I never want to do again!)  A halogen head light kit is fitted as well as white indicator covers for that ‘look’. Apart from a alloy rocker cover and alloy dash pot cover, the rest is standard…so far! The aim is to get the Mini as quick as a standard Capp, sort the suspension and wheels out and then see just how much fun you can have…..without taking the roof off

Of course its a HELL of a lot easier and cheaper to pick all these bits up for a Mini than it is for the Cappuccino, but I’ve got to admit browsing through the Mini catalogue looking for bits for Sue’s car really does give some good
ideas of bits to be made for the Capp. Though don’t worry a Capp with Mini Lights ISN’T on the agenda!!

Sue's Mini

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