Brighton to London Fun Run – The day before……



Well its about time for some additional stuff on the site so I thought I’d tell everybody what a laugh we had on the Brighton to London Fun Run!


The Crew

The people were a mixture, though with the same mad streak and passionate vein as is the way with Cappuccino owners! Apart from the UK contingent, we had a welcome turn out from Europe. 5 Cars from Belgium, 2 from Germany, 1 from the Netherlands


The First Night

The ‘official’ run was on the Sunday but a few of us and our continental cousins turned up on the Saturday lunch time at our Peacehaven lodgings for fun and frivolity. We decided on a trip into Brighton itself to pass the time. A convoy ensued with Myself and Sue bringing up the rear, just to make sure there was nobody getting themselves lost. Alex was leading and took us down to the Brighton Mariner. Here there was a fantastic photo opportunity with all the cars lined up and a staircase up the side of the hill for a hell of a view! Brighton had only just recovered from the previous weekends London to Brighton Mini Run and the looks were fantastic as a procession of Cappuccinos blasted down the seafront.

We eventually decided on a NCP and the Belgium’s proceeded to leave black tyre marks on every ramp between levels! Silly? Yes. Fun? YES!  We parked up, unfortunately not all in the same place and had a little meeting. While going round and round and up and up, a few people had seen a silver Cappuccino parked up and after a quick count and a head check we’d figured out it wasn’t one of ours! It was left to me and Sue to go and leave a message and this we did. It turned out that the owner was a ‘Seriously Cool’ school teacher who had only just bought her car and came back to find my essay pinned under her front wiper blade!

Onto and into Brighton we trundled and off to find some lunch. We ‘invaded’ a fish and chip shop and caused quite a bit of confusion over who ordered what and did they sell beer! Heading straight for the pier (of course!) it really was one of those times when you just had to be there, the most worrying part must have been checking out the car control of us all when we were on the dodgems! Dodging was definitely NOT on the agenda! Of course we ended up in the arcades, amongst other things and helped considerable increase the profits of Brighton Pier with the liberal use of pound coins. This took up most of our day and after a disagreement with NCP car parks as we’d lost our ticket we bundled out to head back to Peace Haven. Here we got changed and Alex arranged 4 taxis to take us to a ‘little restaurant’

The Floor Show

We turned up at this little French restaurant and sat ourselves down to our ‘quiet’ meal. There was a singer due in later and apparently she had just been signed to a label so she was meant to be very good.  At the same time as we were there, there was a Hen party going on in the corner. Being such red-blooded males as they are, the Belgium’s (oh alright, mainly William!!) didn’t hesitate to add a few wolf whistles every time the bride to be got up to do a little ‘display’ Drunk as a skunk, her friends had made her wear a little outfit with some fluffy, heart shaped, Ann Summers underwear. This she proudly showed off more than a couple of times to everyone in the restaurant. Her friends had noticed the appearance of William’s equipment at this time (His Video Camera!?!)and promptly came over to ask to borrow it. William showed this young lady how to handle it and she proceeded to take a close up video footage of her friend being rude and very drunk. When the camera was returned, William played it back on numerous occasions for his amusement!! :)
The night ended in a cacophony of signing and dancing as we eventually made our way back to PeaceHaven and the Telscombe Tavern.

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